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Blinking LED NU05 Mavic

The ROBOTERWERK Blinking LED NU05  Mavic

ROBOTERWERK Blinking LED NU05 Mavic is fitted to the drone with anti-slip rubber bands. The LED lamp must be activated before take-off.

Step by step: For easy fitting, hold the frame up behind the front rotor arms.

Pull the rubber bands under the arm and guide it up to slip over the mounting head at the top of the frame. The frame should now sit at the back of your drone’s front arms.

The rubber bands keep the frame in a skid-proof position and dim vibrations during flight. 


LED lamp NU05:

THE NU05 LED is factory locked


TO unlock: In lockout status, hold the switch for three seconds, the NU05 will unlock and then enter the Red Indicator (slow blink).

Turn on: Tap the switch once to turn on the NU05 and the red indicator will blink slowly.
Turn off: If no further operation occurs 3 seconds after turning on,tap the switch once again to enter standby status. When the NU05 is fully charged, the max standby time up to 1 year theoretically.

Mode Selection

NU05 has 4 special modes and white light illumination.
Within 3 seconds interval, press the switch repeatedly to cycle through Red Indicator (slow blink) - Red Light (slow blink) - Red Light (quick blink) - White Light (slow blink) - White Light Illumination - Standby.


Lockout: When the light is on, hold the switch for one second to lockout; after lockout, the indicator will blink once to notify user. Unlock: In lockout status, hold the switch for three seconds, the NU05 will unlock and then enter the Red Indicator (slow blink).


1. The NU05 has a USB charging port. As shown in the diagram, open the rubber cover of the USB port, plug the end of the USB cable into the port and the other end to the power source (adapter, computer or other power devices) to charge. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge NU05.

2. Power tip: A red indicator will turn on during charging. Upon completion red indicator light will turn green.

Power tips

In standby status, hold the switch for one second, the indicator will blink to indicate the power level:
3 blinks indicate the power level is above 50%
2 blinks indicate the power level is below 50%

1 blink indicates the power level is close to depletion
NOTE: When the power level is insufficient, the NU05 will dim and

CAUTION: Never shine the light in your or others‘ eyes, as it may cause blindness.