----- Drohnen Abverkauf von wenig geflogenen Entwicklungs- und Fotomodellen, darunter DJI Mini 2, DJI Air 2S, DJI Mavic 3 und DJI Mavic 3 Cine -----

M.O.N.A. Mavic Dual

The ROBOTERWERK M.O.N.A. Mavic Dual is fitted to the drone with anti-slip rubber bands. The LED lamps must be activated before take-off.

For easy fitting, lay the drone on its back. Then place the frames (with the lamps pointing upwards) between the rotor arms, so that the rubber bands can hang down freely at the inner side of the arms. Use the ornamental strips on the front as guiding point to find the correct position.

Pull the rubber band under the arm and guide it up to slip into the hook at the front of the frame.

If necessary, align the frames until they are in a parallel position. The rubber bands keep the frames in a skid-proof position during flight but allow for easy adjustment.  

The LED lamps must be activated before take-off.

CAUTION: To ensure a well-balanced flight, it is vital that you always attach both frames. A unilateral weight on the drone leads would lead to poor controllability and considerably reduce the flight duration.


LED lamp TINI:

TINI has two modes:

  1. Temporary Mode: The light will switch off after 30 seconds.
  2. Drone Mode: The light will stay on until manually switched off.

Switching between modes:

Press both buttons simultaneously to switch between the two modes. The lamp will confirm the switch by flashing. One flash: Temporary Mode activated. Two flashes: Drone Mode activated.

Press and hold the On/Off-Button for 2 seconds to switch on the light. Press for switching off.

Brightness levels:

When the light is active, press the Mode-button to switch through the brightness levels (low – mid – high).

The memory function allows the TINI to switch on again at the last brightness level that was active before shutting down.

If the buttons flash blue, the TINI battery is low.

Battery levels:

When the lamp is switched off, press the Mode button to show battery levels:

3 flashes: more than 50%
2 flashes: less than 50%
1 flash: less than 10%

To reload TINI, connect it via micro USB to a power source. A full charge takes about 2 hours.

The button illumination indicates the loading state. Continuous blue light indicates a complete charge.

CAUTION: Never shine the light in your or others‘ eyes, as it may cause blindness.