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SELFIE Mavic Air

The ROBOTERWERK SELFIE Mavic Air is fitted to the drone with anti-slip rubber bands. The LED lamp must be activated before take-off.

Step by step: For easy fitting, hold the frame up behind the front rotor arms.

Pull the rubber bands under the arm and guide it up to slip over the mounting head at the top of the frame. The frame should now sit at the back of your drone’s front arms.

The rubber bands keep the frame in a skid-proof position and dim vibrations during flight.  

The LED lamp must be activated before take-off.


LED lamp TUBE:

Press the button once: Constant light with 1 lumen

Press twice in short succession: Constant light with 45 lumen

Press and hold: temporary light with 45 lumen until you let go

When the light is turned on, press and hold the button to change the brightness step by step.

Lock out: When the light is turned on, hold the button for 3 seconds, until the light flashes. The lamp is now locked. Press again for 3 seconds to unlock.

Maximum output: 1 hour at 45 lumen, 48 hours at 1 lumen

Reload via micro USB.